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CA Spectrum


Hi, We have an environment with about 30k devices and an SRM which stores for now info for 60 days.
The issue is that the SRM lacks always space. We have increased it incrementally a couple of times but that's not sufficient anymore, thus we'd like to have a clear picture of how much space we'd need for our environment on a long run, but we don't know how to do the proper calculation on that.

Overall, because most probably we are not the first customer to ask, do you have a sizing tool for that?
or maybe a set of well-known steps on how we could calculate that? 

Proper planning and resource allocation before you start the install of ?Spectrum software is critical to a sucessful deployment.


Spectrum 10.x on any platform


Broadcom provides a sizing wizard that you can use to determine what resources you will need for your environment:

as well as detailed directions in the documentation: