Quiet Point Analysis fails return code 11 processing CATMAINT data


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CA Log Analyzer Quiet Point Analysis fails with return code 11 when processing CATMAINT data. The following messages are issued:

QPA0023I Beginning log reading Utnamer CATMAINT
CPS0035I Dump of 10 bytes from
QPA0002I QPA Service processing completed with RC=11
LAE0453E QPA Service terminated with an error. 00000100 RETCODE = 11 


Log Analyzer cannot process CATMAINT data and we do not recommend looking for a quiet point during catalog maintenance.


Component: PLA


Run the report again selecting a reporting range, which does not include the period of CATMAINT. You can use DSN1LOGP output to identify the LRSN value to provide a starting point after the CATMAINT was completed.