Editing a Time Scaled Value in a list view that is not yet saved could lead to lose zeros in the value


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Editing a Time Scaled Value in a list view that is not yet saved (i.e.: a red triangle appears in the top left corner) could lead to lose zeros in the value.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Change the locale to one that the thousand separator is a dot (.), e.g.: 'German (Germany)' or 'Spanish (Spain)'.
  2. On any object (existing or new), create a Time-Varying Number attribute.
  3. For the list view for that object, create a new Virtual Time Scaled Value based on the earlier attribute, with at least two periods being shown and grid editing allowed
  4. Add the field to the list view.
  5. For any instance of the object, set the values for the first two periods as 10000 and 100000. Save.
  6. For the first period (currently 10000), modify the value to 1000. Do NOT save. A red triangle will indicate that this value has been edited but not yet saved.
  7. For the second period (currently 100000), modify the value to 10000. Do NOT save.
  8. Change to edit mode between the first and second values.
Expected Results: Value stays the same it was, pending save (1000 and 10000, respectively).
Actual Results: At the second click of each period, the value loses 3 zeroes (values are 1 and 10, respectively).


This issue has been reported to Engineering as DE46541.


This issue has been reported in Clarity PPM


After careful review, Engineering has determined that this issue will not be fixed.


Do a 'Save' before modifying the same cell.