Does CA SDM support two factor authentication (2FA)?


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We wish to implement two factor authentication (2FA) for our users.

Does CA Service Desk Manager/ITSM 17 support OAuth 2.0?

Can it support authentication using Office 365 or Azure Active Directory?


Release: 14.1, 17.x


No current version of CA Service Desk Manager/ITSM has two factor authentication (2FA) built in to the web client interface.

A third party load balancer, such as an F5 hardware load balancer, can provide the two factor authentication out front, and then pass through to the normal CA SDM authentication channels. This external load balancer configuration is out of scope for CA Support to advise on. 

You may build two factor authentication interfaces onto the front end of Web Services if that is required - it is not out of the box though. 

Note that many users would prefer that Single Sign On (SSO) as the standard authentication channel for the ease of use.
Good security can be maintained via the use of TLS.
CA SDM/ITSM supports SSO and TLS.
Configuring Single-Sign-On (SSO) for Internet Information Server (IIS) 8.0 and CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) r12.9/14.1/17.x
How to Enable TLS 1.2 with CA EEM 12.6

CA Advanced Authentication provides two factor authentication for CA products, but there are no explicit references to CA SDM/ITSM in that product documentation. At the time of this knowledge document, it is unclear if it provides any solution for CA SDM.

Active Directory is supported for CA SDM as an authentication method. 
You would configure "External Authentication" to point to this source: 

Azure Active Directory is not on our SDM Supportability Matrix: 
It "might work" - but it is up to the site to manage and own this, as CA have not certified it. 

The only component from Office 365 that is relevant to CA SDM is the mail component. 
It can be connected as follows: 

OAuth 2.0 is a standard for open authentication, which is not directly referenced in the CA SDM product documentation.

The CA Communities can be used to put through an Idea (enhancement request) to have 2FA or Azure support added. 
Or to discuss with other sites how they have implemented 2FA. 

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