CA Intertest CICS Setting CBP with List CAIN4587 & CAIN4587


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The programmer receives error messages when attempting to set conditional breakpoints when viewing the program source code using the LIST transaction. When the programmer sets a conditional breakpoint by entering the 'C' line command the client receive messages
CAIN4587 Error found in processing CBP option no 000.
CAIN4502 This request disregarded.


You cannot set a conditional breakpoint CBP in the LIST facility using the C line command if you are not at a breakpoint.




The conditional breakpoint CBP can be set prior to the program being at a breakpoint as long as you use the menus. Use the ITST or CNTL menu transactions to set the conditional breakpoints. It is only the 'C' line command while in LIST prior to the task being at a breakpoint where we don't support setting the conditional breakpoints. Once the program is at a breakpoint then you can set conditional breakpoints in the LIST transaction.