Implementing RACF Security for a View Database


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The client wants to implement RACF security on a CA View database.

In this process, is there ever a need to perform an IPL to implement it?
What are the minimum rules needed, for someone to browse a report in a secured View database?


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The client was able to access the RACF security rules used on another View implementation, which they will use as a model to create rules needed for a new database.

Only if SARXMS is used for the interface (CICS, VTAM, etc.), and if there is the need to bypass password verification, that would be the only need for an IPL, to implement changes.

In general, if there are any changes made to any load library, the requirement would be to follow that with the performance of an LLA refresh.

In View, to allow the basic access of report browsing, the following View native security rules should be defined:
 . secid.REPT.*
 . secid.VIEW.000.* or secid.VIEW.*
 . secid.RAPS