No Green Highway for sone newly supported CICS metrics


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CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence


MOI V2..3 introduced the support for 4 new CICS metrics from Sysview:
TCLSAMAX - Times at class max last interval
TCLSHWM - High water mark transaction count
TCLSHWM% - High water mark percent of class max
TCLSQUED - Queued transactions last interval
I have set all metrics for transaction class to TSD and have also enabled all metrics for Green Highway processing in the Appliance Controller. But only TCLSQEUD shows a Green Highyway - for the 3 others only the metric is displayed 


MOI V2..3


After further engineering analysis, it appears that we have a problem in our cache update logic. The current plan is to deliver the fix in our next maintenance release (date to be planned). For short-term, we have a validated workaround of restarting the Graph Processor microservice -- which picks up the change. It's just a couple commands to restart GP. 

Additional Information

I have restarted the Graph Processor - but when I checked the metrics I had to figure out, that since I rebooted the MOI Appliance, the Green Highway processing has started for these metrics.