How to increase JVM Heap space for SOI Manager
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How to increase JVM Heap space for SOI Manager


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How to increase JVM heap space for SOI Manager?

Below are possible issues that require increasing the memory on SOI Manager

- SOI Manager is running slow in terms of processing alerts.

- The "AlarmGlobalUpdates" on the manager debug page shows job queues are pending.

-  receive memory threshold alerts for SOI manager server




SOI 4.2 and above


The default JVM space for SOI manager is 4GB on any 64bit Windows server.

This value can be increased to improve SOI Manager performance but make sure the Physical Memory is more than 4GB.

For Ex, if the physical Memory on SOI manager is 16GB and we may increase JVM space up to 12 GB.


1) Stop SOI Services on SOI Manager (soitoolbox.exe --stopAllServices)

2) Update \SOI\jsw\conf\wrapper-jvm-64.conf and change Max Memory as shown below


# Maximum Java Heap Size (in MB) -


Change it to



set.JAVA_MAXMEM_MB=12288                              (depending on available physical memory)

3) Stop SOI Services on SOI Manager (soitoolbox.exe --startAllServices)


Note: In the same way IFW JVM heap space can be adjusted by updating \SOI\jsw\conf\IFW-wrapper-jvm-64.conf file



Additional Information

Please refer "Hardware Requirements" section in SOI Wiki page for more information about Hardware requirements