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CA 1 Flexible Storage CA 1 Tape Management - Copycat Utility CA 1 Tape Management - Add-On Options


Why some volumes display an EXPDT=STATS/002 ?


Z/OS - CA1 12.6 - CA1 14.0


We can have STATS/001- STATTS/002 and STATS/003.


Status of held tape where sss is the reason code indicating why the tape is being held. This keyword has no JCL equivalent. It is set by programs through the SET_KEYWORD function, or is entered through the keyword format STATS/sss, to apply permanent retention other than 99365 to an unknown situation, such as a broken chain.

Equivalent keyword: STATS/001

The EXPDT in the JCL is less than the current date; therefore, CA 1 set the EXPDT to STATS/001 to prevent the tape from scratching prematurely.

Equivalent keyword: STATS/002

There is a multivolume chaining error. A TMC volume with this EXPDT is chained to a volume not in the TMC.

Equivalent keyword: STATS/003

The EXPDT in the TMC for the volume is updated as STATS/003 when ACCODE=xCANORES is specified in the JCL.

We need to run a TMSPTRS and check the chaining problem - check and correct the chaining error and then re-run the TMSPTRS .