Do I need SMPHSM2 usermod?
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Do I need SMPHSM2 usermod?


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We do not have HSM installed. We use FDR/ABR.

It seems to me that I remember in the past that changes were required to usermod SMPHSM2 to identify that you were
using ABR instead of HSM, but I don't see that is now the case. 

From what I can see no changes were made to the usermod when it was installed for release 12.6.

Do I still need to APPLY SMPHSM2?


CA 1 Tape Management r12.6 & r14


You no longer need to apply usermod SMPHSM2, because the ARCTVEXT exit is delivered as a load module in
the CA 1 CTAPLINK data set. 

All you have to do is make sure that the CA 1 version of the exit is in a place where HSM can execute it. 

You also need to make sure your EDM rules are in place in the TMOEDMxx member of the CTAPOPTN data set.

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