Updates to CONFIG EXEC lost after installation of service for VMB
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Updates to CONFIG EXEC lost after installation of service for VMB


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VM:Backup for z/VM


Recently edited the CONFIG EXEC on VMBACKUP 192 disk to increase the maximum number of pages per report (cfgmaxpg). 

After a few weeks, I installed a fix for VMBACKUP (PTF RO93441) and installed it using the procedure for servicing VMB in the VMB installation manual. 

It seems that after doing the above, my CONFIG EXEC reverted back to the original version. 

How do I ensure that future updates/fixes do not replace my updated CONFIG EXEC and any other parts that may have been updated using fixes applied such as those for the VMBSYS MODULE? 


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Create a LOCALMOD for the CONFIG EXEC file. How to create the LOCALMOD is documented in the VM Product Manager Reference guide, available at techdocs.broadcom.com

The reason for this is the CONFIG EXEC is Broadcom product code and not a configuration file. Configuration files, like the VMBACKUP CONFIG file are NOT overwritten by VMDEPLOY.  However, Broadcom product code is synchronized with what is installed or updated on the Code Disks maintained by VMSES when VMDEPLOY is run.  Any Broadcom product code that does not match what is on the Code Disks when VMDEPLOY is run will be REPLACED.

Therefore, you will need to create a LOCALMOD for your change to the CONFIG EXEC (or any supplied Broadcom Product Code). Creating a LOCALMOD informs VMSES that there is a customer modification to that piece of product code and should be used. If for some reason Broadcom supplies a PTF update to that piece of code, then the customer will be notified when VMFBLD is run that he needs to "rework" his LOCALMOD so that both the Broadcom update and the customer update are incorporated. 

Once the LOCALMOD is created, VMDEPLOY will know to use that version of the object as the one to use and compare for changes to determine if the object needs to be replaced when VMDEPLOY is run.