What filters are available for "Reports --> Graphs" in ASM?
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What filters are available for "Reports --> Graphs" in ASM?


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CA App Synthetic Monitor


When going to "Reports --> Graphs" we see that we can filter the output within "Display" field.
What do those filters mean?

What are the available filters in the "Display" field within "Reports --> Graphs" measuring?




The following filters are available: 

- Availability:  Compares the Uptime and Downtime of your server or site.
- Performance:  Check in milliseconds the resolve, connect, processing and transfer time at your server.
- Uptime:  See the percentage of your sites Uptime.
- Resolve time:  The resolution (translation) of your Domain's name in milliseconds.
- Connect time:  The time required for the connection to your server.
- Processing time:  Measured in milliseconds the processing time.
- Transfer time:  The time for the completion of data transmission.
- Download time:  See the download rate per second.
- Total time:  The sum of connect and download time in milliseconds.
- Download size:  The size of downloads from your server in bytes.
- Transfer speed:  Bytes per second of the transfer speed of your servers.
- Download speed:  Bytes per second of the Download speed of your servers.
- Checks and check errors:  The number of site checks and the number of those which returned an error, either by crossing a slow-time threshold, timing-out, or getting a web-based error from the site (i.e. 404).