Where can I find the LMP Product Code for CA File Master Plus?
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Where can I find the LMP Product Code for CA File Master Plus?


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File Master Plus for IMS File Master Plus for DB2 for z/OS


The Common Services CAS9 procedure is used to invoke the CA Resource Initialization Manager, CAIRIM.  It initializes each CA product environment based upon control information supplied via the different parmlib DD statements.  One such function is to load the License Management Product or LMP keys for those products that require them.    

What is the LMP Product Code for CA Filemaster used in the KEYS member of my CAS9 procedure?  Where can I find it?   


Release: ADFMIM00200-9.1-File Master Plus-for IMS


The LMP product codes for any CA Mainframe product as well as your LMP license keys are available from the CA Support Online Licensing display.    

There are two LMP Product Codes listed for CA File Master Plus.  

  • LMP code "XN" is for CA File Master Plus 
  • LMP code "XO" is for CA File Master Plus for IMS 


Additional Information

Steps to locate your LMP License Keys and/or the LMP Product Code Listing for any CA Mainframe products from CA SupportOnline.

  1. Logon to CA Support Online
  2. Click on the 'Menu' to the left of "Welcome to CA Support"
  3. Choose 'Licensing' - third from the left in the bottom row
  4. From the resulting Licensing display you can choose to view
    • 'Your LMP License keys'  -  found in the left center of the display
    • the 'LMP Product Code Listing' - found in the lower right of the display
      • To find the name of an individual product, click on the 3 vertical dots in the extreme upper right
      • Choose 'Find' from the dropdown and begin typing the name of your CA Mainframe product