JMeter Proxy Server is missing from JMeter.
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JMeter Proxy Server is missing from JMeter.


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 When trying to use the JMeter desktop application and the browser proxy function to record scripts, the items available when right-clicking the Workbench element in the left pane and then clicking Add -> Non-Test Elements do not include the item "HTTP Proxy Server". 

Where is the non-test elements "HTTP Proxy Server", and what should I choose in its place ?


Workstation running Apache JMeter 2.09 or higher.


Apache, the group that produced JMeter, decided to change the name of the non-test elements in JMeter 2.09 and higher. The Item "HTTP Proxy Server" was replaced with the item "HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder". The functionality and configuration options are the same as the previous "HTTP Proxy Server" item.



Additional Information

There is no option to restore the earlier names - the only way to do so is using an earlier version of JMeter.