Change ownership of an archived file.
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Change ownership of an archived file.


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VM:Archiver for z/VM


Can you change ownership of an archived file?


Using VM:Archiver to archive user's files.


Yes, use the REASSIGN FILE command to change the ownership of archived files:    

  • From one user to another
  • From one group to another


When a file is archived, it is owned by a user ID and the group to which the owning user ID currently belongs. If a user moves from one group to another, the files archived by the user ID while in the original group continue to be owned by that group. Group ownership is not automatically changed to the new group; for the new group to own these archived files, you must reassign the files to the new group.

Additional Information

The REASSIGN command is documented in VM:Archiver's Command Reference which can be accessed at: