Where can I download CA Vantage SRM r14.0?
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Where can I download CA Vantage SRM r14.0?


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Vantage Storage Resource Manager


Where can I download CA Vantage SRM r14.0?


Component: VANT


The full GA version of CA Vantage SRM r14.0 was released end of Sept. 2016.
You can download the install file from: casupport.broadcom.com / Download Center / Download Products
The install file is:  DVD03090555E.pax.Z
There are 101 additional PTFs to be installed at this time [July 2019].
Do not download the ISO file for the Windows Client that you may see on the product page.
It is not current because some issues have delayed putting up the latest.

The Windows Client (WC) version that you must be at for r14.0 is 12.7.871.3 .
Open your Windows Client, click on: Help / About ...to see what version you are at.
If you are not at 12.7.871.3, please contact CA Technical Support for assistance to upgrade your WC.
The CA Vantage r14.0 documentation can be found here: