Can the automatic discovery/creation of Access Points (AP) in CA Spectrum be stopped for any Wireless Lan Controller (WLC)?


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CA Spectrum supports modeling Wireless Lan Controllers (WLC) and their corresponding Access Points (AP).  Once the AP discovery has been started, how can it be stopped?  What if I don't want CA Spectrum to keep modeling the AP?

How can the automatic discovery of the AP be disabled in CA Spectrum?


Release: SDBSFO99000-10.2-Spectrum-Device Based Suite-Server FOC


In CA Spectrum 10.2 and above, a new attribute was added to the WLC Application model that controls the AP discovery.  The attribute is named enableAPDisc.   Setting the value to False will disable the automatic AP discovery.  Setting it back to true will trigger the discovery.  As noted, the attribute is available on the WLC application model:


Cisco:  Cisco_LWAPP_App

Aruba:  Aruba_Controller_App


There are different ways to find the application model, but here is one suggestion.

In the CA Spectrum OneClick Locater view, create a new search for "ModelTypeName" "Equal to" "Cisco_LWAPP_App" or "Aruba_Controller_App".

The resulting list will contain the WLC application models. Find the model(s) you wish to disable the AP discovery on and change the enableAPDisc (0x13340) from True to False.


Additional Information

This attribute is not supported in previous versions of CA Spectrum.  Unfortunately there is no way to disable the automatic discovery of AP models prior to CA Spectrum 10.2.