PBG UTS symbolic variable %PART and %PARTLBL
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PBG UTS symbolic variable %PART and %PARTLBL


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When using CA Database Analyzer for DB2 for a reorg of a partition-by-growth (PBG) universal tablespace (UTS) the symbolic variables in % PARTLBL and% PART are not set to "blank".

Did you know why symbolic variables in PBG UTS % PARTLBL and% PART are NOT set to "blank" for a REORG?


Component: PDA


CA Database Analyzer does not support blanking out %PARTLBL or %PART for an RO utility code because this capability is restricted to the AL or CD utility codes. This is documented for both the %PARTLBL and %PART auto symbolic.



Indicates the partition number of the object using the format of 0001 (or blank if the object is non-partitioned). %PART is set to spaces when the following conditions exist: %PART is used in a model that is associated with an AL or CD utility code.

The object is a partition-by-growth (PBG) universal tablespace (UTS).



Generates utility control statements for partitions of a tablespace or index space. If the object is partitioned, the appropriate DB2 utility partition parameter is inserted into the location. If a specific object partition is being processed, %PARTLBL %PART generates the necessary partition parameter and number. These symbolic variables are ignored for non-partitioned objects.

%PARTLBL is not supported for user application (US) action codes. Use %PARTLIT when you specify a US action code.


%PARTLBL can have a literal value of DSNUM for some utility code processing that is related to the following IBM DB2 utilities: COPY, MODIFY, RECOVER, and REPORT.