ADD an APAR attached to a Support Case to CA CSM
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ADD an APAR attached to a Support Case to CA CSM


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Mainframe Software Manager (Chorus Software Manager)


How do I add an APAR (test fix) that is attached to a support case to CA CSM so that it can be applied? 


Release: MSMNGR00200-6.0 -Chorus Software Manager


To acquire an APAR (test fix) that is attached to a CA support case, into CSM,  follow these steps:

  1.  The CA Engineer attaches the APAR (test fix) to the support case#
  2.  Click the Products tab, find the product for which you want to apply the APAR (test fix).
  3.  Right click on the product release and select 'ADD EXTERNAL MAINTENANCE"
  4.  Choose “Type of Input Source”:  FTP FILE
  5.  Specify the “ADD External Maintenance” options as follows:

    *  FTP PATH” = /0999999/99999999/files_from_broadcom
                          (Where 0999999 is your Site id and 99999999 is the support case number)

    • Maintenance Name:    APAR.BIN (name of the test fix)
    • Click OK.

  6.   When the task completes, click REFRESH and you will see the APAR.BIN (test fix) appear in your maintenance list and you can proceed with APPLYING the APAR (test fix) as you normally would.

Additional Information

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