How to start the XCOMD service on Windows
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How to start the XCOMD service on Windows


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How do we start the XCOMD service on the Windows Server/Professional systems?


XCOM r11.6XCOM r11.6 SP01


To start and/or Stop the Windows XCOM Server you can click on the Start-Button, then on "Administrative Tools" and click on "Services". In the list of Services you then can stop, start or restart the 'XCOMD CA XCOM Scheduler Service'. But there is an convenient alternative available. You can use command
net start xcomdsrv

to start the Service and command
net stop xcomdsrv

to stop the service.
When you combine both commands in a Batch file and save it in a directory of the Windows PATH then you have a quick and convenient way to restart the XCOM Service. The below Batchfile x.bat allows you to restart the XCOM server by entering a 'x' and hit ENTER in a DOS-Box:


   net stop xcomdsrv   
   net start xcomdsrv