Test FDA unit with accounting
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Test FDA unit with accounting


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MICS Resource Management


Is it possible to build a test FDA unit with accounting and not have it affect the monthly job streams (close table and finrecap)?


Release: MICSAC00200-12.9-MICS-Resource Management-Accounting and Chargeback Opt


If the DATABASE statement in JCLDEF has a type of TEST, the data will not be pulled in with the production data when the month end close jobs run to build FINRECAP

From the doc on the DATABASE statement: 

Information from TEST database units is not included in CA MICS Accounting and Chargeback processing if at least one UNIT or PRIMARY unit in the complex contains CA MICS Accounting and Chargeback. TEST units are also treated differently by JCLGEN. SPECIAL databases are temporary databases for special studies or other uses.