How to remove a Cache entry
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How to remove a Cache entry


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CA API Gateway


While using the Store to Cache and the Look Up in Cache Assertion could the Cache be flushed or removed?


Component: CA API Gateway


The default cache functionality does not offer such a flush or remove Cache feature. 

Our Tactical Development Team offers a Tactical Cache Assertion that allows remote cache to be enabled by linking into memcache (please contact the Technical Support if you require
any information about the Tactical Solution). 

It should be also possible to remove the Cache with a Policy logic. A new service can be designed that it is setting the individual cache entry to expire right away or using an
update to a existing service policy.

An example Policy can be seen down below.
The Policy will store or look-up in cache for a standard HTTP routing call to a back-end service.
Along with this functionality the ability to send in a query parameter that will invalidate the cache (flush=true) has been added.



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