Use emailgtw and NAS to send UIM alarms via email
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Use emailgtw and NAS to send UIM alarms via email


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How to configure emails to notify for any alarms for servers?

How can we configure UIM to send alerts via email?

The guide below describes how to set the emailgtw and NAS to send any UIM alarm to specified recipients via email.


  • UIM 8.x, 9.x. 20.x


  • Guidance


1. Configure in 'nas' probe an Auto Operator with Action type as EMAIL and create filters matching your requirements in the profile. 

Example: Below is a screenshot from ‘nas’ Auto Operator profile configured for action type as ‘EMAIL’ for all ‘critical’ alarms from the 'cdm' probe.


2. Configure your 'emailgtw' probe to connect with your Exchange or SMTP server for forwarding. 

The Email Gateway (emailgtw) probe converts alarms from the NAS server into emails sent to groups or specified recipients. The emails are sent based on predefined criteria for alarms, such as, severity, origin, and time.

On Windows robots, you can use either SMTP server or Exchange server to send emails. On robots on other operating systems, you can only use SMTP to send emails. 

This is what happens before an email is sent:

1. NAS AO profile matches an alarm based on criteria you have configured 

2. When the AO profile matches the alarms it sends a message to the hub->queue/NimBUS with Subject "EMAIL"

   You can check this activity by checking Dr.Nimbus for "EMAIL" Subject messages:

How to login and use DrNimBUS

3. The emailgtw subscribes to all messages with subject "EMAIL" and then sends an email using the recipient info on the message, and the email server details defined in it

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