Defaulting code page to 1201/utf-8 for Gen Servers
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Defaulting code page to 1201/utf-8 for Gen Servers


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Need to know if there is a way to default the code page to 1201 (utf-8) when generating C Server modules locally or remotely.   For Windows, it appears to default to 1252.  In this case, we are targeting Linux/C...Or is there a way to set up the Linux system to always compile using 1201 (utf-8).


This effects Windows, Unix, and Linux environments.


Gen does not explicitly support 1201 (utf-8) for C servers on Windows, Unix, or Linux.  The code page that is placed into the server manager code (a remote server in this case) comes from the code page of the system that generated the code.  For the Windows Toolset or the Windows CSE it is 1252, and for the Unix/Linux CSE, it is 819.  There is no 1201/utf-8 code page for any OS on which we generate C code.

The only known work around is to manually modify the generated code (remote file) to change the code page referenced to 1201.