SARJSA05 Subsystem get request failed - RPL feedback 0C0204
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SARJSA05 Subsystem get request failed - RPL feedback 0C0204


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What causes a SARJSA05 Subsystem get request failed - RPL feedback 0C0204 when starting the SARSTC task.


Release: OUTDTI00200-12.1-Deliver-Output Management-Interface for Native TSO


The 0C0204 RPL feedback message indicates a problem with the collection of a report that was not closed by the application. Since JES supplies the datasets, View or Deliver have no control over the condition of the data set. The problems normally occurs when jobs abend with SYSOUT datasets open, and the SYSOUT does not get properly closed. Can be caused by a CRASH. 

Other Possibilities: 

If the database was in the middle of a backup cycle. You will need to execute the following: 

. Use "/P sarstc" to bring down the View task. 
. Use "/S sarstc,OPT=STOPBU" to start the View task, all backups stopped. 
. Use "/F sarstc,NEW" to run a standard backup, putting it to a new tape. 

or if it's just during the archive process then, try putting everything in the queue on hold and released them individually, as a workaround (skipping the 1st one). 
Any reports that in OPEN status can be removed using a CLEAN, 
running a backup, then using a CLEAN, a minimum of 4 hours later.