Produce TMC report showing volser, dsn, crdte and expdt
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Produce TMC report showing volser, dsn, crdte and expdt


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VM:Tape for z/VM


Produce VMTAPE report showing fields: Tape volser, dataset name, tape creation date and expiration date. 





Release: VMTAPE55400-2-VM:Tape


VM:Tape provides seven predefined reports that produce reports using information from a CMS TMC.   These reports use the CA Mainframe VM Product Manager (VMANAGER) Generalized Report Writer (GRW) product, and are loaded to the VMTAPE ADMIN minidisk during installation , which by default, is VMTAPE’s 158 minidisk. 

You can modify these reports or design your own reports, using GRW control statements to define the contents, sequence, and format of your reports. 

GRW uses data from the TMC or Audit file to create reports about the tapes managed by VM:Tape. 


To create reports, you must have access to: 

• TMC on the CA VM:Tape 1B0 minidisk 

• Audit file on the CA VM:Tape 1D0 minidisk 

• VMANAGER 193 and 195 minidisks   

You can use GRW to report on data from the TMC, including the volume serial number (volser), data set name, owner, creation and expiration dates, density, and label type of each tape that is managed by VM:Tape.