V/SEG SFS Install PTF RO38753
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V/SEG SFS Install PTF RO38753


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PTF RO38753 corrects the SFS install for V/SEG but how can I apply the PTF when the product is not yet installed ? 



Release: VMVSGP00400-1.7-V/Seg Plus
Component: VSEGSFS


PTF RO38753 corrects an error in the ZVMV017A PPF file distributed with the CA VM:Spool V/SEG Plus Feature Release 1.7.                                  

You need to install PTF RO38753 if you chose to install the product materials to the Shared File System using the ZVMV017A Product Parameter     

File with component VSEGSFS.

If you are installing to SFS and you chose to provide your own Product Parameter Override file, in order to specify your   

own SFS filepool or filespace names, you do not need this PTF.               

In order to apply this PTF, perform the following steps:                     


1.  Perform the steps in the V/SEG Installation Guide up to and including   

     Step 1. Plan Your Installation  in  Chapter 3. Installing Product materials.                                                                   


2. Create a temporary file on the VMANAGER A-disk named VSEGTEMP $PPF with the following contents:                                                      


* VM:Spool V/SEG Plus - SFS install*                                         


:OVERLST. VSEGSFS                                                            


:DCL. UPDATE                                                                 

&LMODZ DIR CASYS:ZVMV017A.LOCALMOD                                           

&APPLX DIR CASYS:ZVMV017A.APPLYALT                                           

&APPLZ DIR CASYS:ZVMV017A.APPLYPROD                                          

&DELTZ DIR CASYS:ZVMV017A.DELTA                                              

&BLD0Z DIR CASYS:ZVMV017A.TSYSTEM                                            

&BLD2Z DIR CASYS:ZVMV017A.TADMIN                                             

&BLD4Z DIR CASYS:ZVMV017A.TPUBLIC                                            

&SAMPZ DIR CASYS:ZVMV017A.SAMPLE                                             

&BLD6Z DIR CASYS:ZVMV017A.HELP                                               

&BLD8Z DIR CASYS:ZVMV017A.CPUPDTS                                            

&BAS1Z DIR CASYS:ZVMV017A.BASE                                               




3.  Issue the command VMFPPF VSEGTEMP VSEGSFS to create the VSEGTEMP PPF  file on the VMANAGER A-disk.                                                 


4.  Continue the process, starting with  Step 2. Allocate Product Resources  in Chapter 3, and complete the remaining steps in Chapter 3.

    In Steps 2, 3, and 4, you specify VSEGTEMP for the ppfname and VSEGSFS for the component name in every VMALLOC or VMFINS command you issue.                 


5. Before proceeding to  Chapter 4. Deploying the Product Z you will apply the PTF RO38753.                                                             


6. Download and copy the RO38753 SERVLINK file to the VMANAGER A-disk.

    Receive, apply, and build the PTF by following the instructions in  Chapter  5. Servicing Your Product.  

    For all steps in this chapter, you specify VSEGTEMP for the ppfname and VSEGSFS for the component name.                 


7. The VMFBLD command you issue in Chapter 5 will issue prompt message       

    VMFBLD2185R. Enter '0' as the response to this prompt.  


8. Compile the corrected PPF file from the serviced $PPF file by issuing  the command                                                                  

   VMFPPF ZVMV017A                                                           

   Respond to the prompt with '3' to compile all the components.             


9. Copy the ZVMV017A $PPF file on the A-disk to the Software Inventory disk at filemode letter D, replacing the old copy, and erase the copy on the      



10. Discard the temporary PPF and $PPF files you used to incorporate the RO38763 PTF.                                                                 

    ERASE VSEGTEMP PPF A                                                     

    ERASE VSEGTEMP $PPF A                                                    


11. Re-issue the VMFBLD commands in chapter 5, specifying the ppfname  ZVMV017A and the component name VSEGSFS.  


12. Continue the process with the steps in  Chapter 4. Deploying the Product.  

      In these and future steps you perform for V/SEG Release 1.7, specify ppfname ZVMV017A and component name VSEGSFS.