DLL errors in BSI
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DLL errors in BSI


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CA Business Service Insight


The CA Business Service Insight server is showing errors about being unable to make function calls - how can these DLL messages be corrected?


Component: OBLCRE



This batch file is located on both application and web servers in the product’s Bin folder. This batch file unregisters and registers all DLLs used by BSI on the specific server. This batch file is used during installation/migrations.

When to Use

It is a good practice to execute this batch file whenever there is a suspicion that the problem occurs due to one or more DLLs not correctly registered.

How to Use

This batch file can either register all DLLs (regfiles.bat 1) or unregister all DLLs (regfiles.bat 2) or do both (regfiles.bat 3). Last option is most recommended and used, unless there is a special reason not doing so:

  1. Open CMD
  2. CD %OG_HOME%\bin
  3. regfiles.bat 3 (This will unregister and then re-register all DLLs)
  4. Open the regfiles.log file created in ‘%OG_HOME%\bin’ folder in order to ensure it contains no errors.

Note: The error message: “ERROR: The system was unable to find the specified registry key or value.” should be disregarded if on the line above it contains the text “… Any error below can be ignored.