Log version changed in CA Vantage
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Log version changed in CA Vantage


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Vantage Storage Resource Manager


I am using log data collected by CA Vantage with a REXX program for further processing on z/OS.

After applying PTF RO37442 my reports contains unnecessary data. 




In order to increase the quality and make maintenance easier, PTF RO37442 introduce version X to CA Vantage internal objects.

As this affect only CA Vantage internal objects, PTF HOLDDATA does not contain relevant information about changing log data format from previous versions to version X.

Enhancement or changes made on CA Vantage internal objects are not documented as SAMS is prepared to work with new data format.

To remove header lines from reports you can use IBM SORT utility.

Additional Information

As usual if you have any questions please contact CA Vantage technical support.