How to export all custom alarms from CA Spectrum
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How to export all custom alarms from CA Spectrum


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CA Spectrum


How to export all custom alarms from CA Spectrum.




Two ways we can export all the custom Alarms 

Use the Event Configuration editor (ECE)

1. Log into OneClick as an ADMIN user
2. Select Tools -> Utilities -> Event Configuration 
3. In the Navigation panel
    a. Right mouse click and display the Cause Code column
    b. Enter 0xfff in the filter at the bottom to show all custom events 
    c. Custom events will be the 0xfff events that have a value in the Cause Code colum
    d. Click on the Export icon (the one that looks like a file folder) and save to csv file

Use the command line

1. Log into the SpectroSERVER system as the user that owns the Spectrum installation
2. If on Windows, start a bash shell by running "bash -login"
3. cd to the $SPECROOT/custom/Events directory and enter the following command to find all of the events that generate a critical alarm:

find -name EventDisp -exec egrep -e ' A *3' {} /dev/null \; >> critical_events.txt

4. Run the above command replacing the "3" with a "1" for minor alarms and a "2" for major alarms