Why does DB2 Reorg abend with SYSTEM=04E
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Why does DB2 Reorg abend with SYSTEM=04E


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Allocate DASD Space and Placement


Why is DB2 Reorg failing to extend and abend with SYSTEM=04E USER=0000


Release: ESBALQ99000-12.5-CA-Allocate-DASD Space and Placement-with Quota Manager-Extende


DB2 was requesting an extend for an amount up to the "high allocated RBA".
This appears to be something unique for DB2.
In the  &VAMENVIR = 'EOV_VSAM'  an ASR statement was doing:  SET &PDC = &SDC
This would reduce the size of the extent, but the extend request still worked.
But DB2 experienced a problem because the extent size was not up to the "high allocated RBA".

Additional Information

The IBM symptom that will be displayed for this problem is ‘MMRC=256’ in the ‘DSNP011I’ message.
To avoid this problem, the following ASR statements and logic must not be performed on, or change
the &PDC value for the DB2 data base manager job names (xxxxDBM1) in the EOV_VSAM environment:
 - SET &PDC = &SDC
 - DIF/RTF statement: SET &RB = nn
 - LSPACE logic
Please contact CA Technical Support if any questions.