How to configure SSL certificates in a REST step?
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How to configure SSL certificates in a REST step?


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Service Virtualization


How to configure a client keystore in REST step?


Release: Supported versions of DevTest
Component:  Application Test





You will have to supply the path to the client keystore and specify its password in the file of the Workstation using the below properties. Please note that these properties define the keystore of the Workstation. 
        ssl.client.cert.path= Path to the keystore (For example: C:/DevTest/Proj/Test/jks or /apps/CA/DevTest/Test.jks)
        ssl.client.cert.pass= Cleartext password
        ssl.client.key.pass= Cleartext password
        ssl.client.alias= Alias name

Please note that creating JKS files and importing the key pair certs in to it is not a product feature but JAVA feature which can be done in various ways like using keytool commands or using openly available tool called "Portecle". 

You can also use the HTTP-HTML request step for GET calls and the Web Service Execution step for POST calls which has XML/JSON request body.

These two steps contains the SSL tab that allows a keystore to be specified.

The documentation for these steps can be found in the links below:


Additional Information

There is a request for enhancement created for 2-way SSL support for REST Step: