Receiving S637-BC abend during archive.
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Receiving S637-BC abend during archive.


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Receiving S637-BC abend during archive.

How do we resolve the S637-BC during archive?




When CA JMR is executing it's archive process and the primary or secondary allocations are required to create the files required to be created and you receive a S637-BC abend the archive fails and you could, in some cases, lose some archive data.

CA JMR is looking for additional space and the 637-BC code is a situation that says there is not enough space on the VOLUME to allocate a new extent or file. This is not a no space in the file situation. The BC return code notes the volume designation. When you review the dump that is produced you will see that the end of volume has been reached at allocation.

If you are using products like DFSMS it is always recommended that the storage pool used for CA JMR (or CA SMR) be in a guaranteed pool. This will always provide the required space allocations and be sure they will always be available even if the current volume utilized has insufficient space available.

If you are utilizing a utility such as CA Allocate or CA ASM2 - Allocation Manager then you must define the correct values so that the intercepted amount stays the same as CA JMR specifies in the hlq.PPOPTION(PK46OPTN). These products will adjust the allocation settings if they are not exempted from this particular influence.   

Bear in mind that the space must be contiguous.


Additional Information

See the CA JMR Getting Started Guide chapter 5 Tailoring Data Management Parameters