No authentication mechanisms supported by both server and client error in mail notifications


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Outgoing emails are not being sent out from CA Service Desk Manager (SDM) 17.1 setup.

mail_nxd.log show errors like this
2018-11-01 11:53:02:606 ERROR  [] c.c.S.m.NXJavaMailMailer - The transport is not connected or is dead.
javax.mail.AuthenticationFailedException: No authentication mechanisms supported by both server and client 


The error happens when SMTP server's authentication mechanism differs from the one that CA SDM is set with.


Component: USRD


Here are some option combination to resolve the issue, based on how authentication is configured on the SMTP server:

SMTP Server Authentication / SDM optionsAuthentication is NOT requiredAuthentication IS RequiredAuthentication is NTLM
mail_login_userid & mail_login_passwordDeinstalledInstalledInstalled
mail_smtp_security_level01 or 42

A restart of mail_nxd or SDM is required after setting these options

Additional Information

To verify if authentication is required or not, a test via telnet might be a good idea:

telnet <SMTPServer> <SMTP_PortNumber>    

It would indicate there normally if authentication is needed or not.  Below is a document from Microsoft that covers it in detail: