API Gateway: Automated Gateway Patching
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API Gateway: Automated Gateway Patching


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CA API Gateway


Can patching of the API Gateway be automated?


Release: Gateway 10.x , 11.0
Component: APIGTW


Typically, the management of patches on the Gateway is done via the Gateway configuration menu. This Gateway configuration menu is merely a visual aid and wrapper around various Java applications and Linux commands. For example: The patching system can actually be invoked by a script:




This script has two primary switches: "upload" and "install." These are each followed by their own option that specifies the patch to be uploaded or installed. Example commands would be as follows:

./patch.sh upload /path/to/Layer7_vX.Y.Z.L7P

./patch.sh install Layer7_vX.Y.Z

Additional Information

Please see our Layer 7 Installation and Maintenance Manual on software patching  for more information on how to use that patching script.  The software version better documents the user of the script since the software installations do not have a Gateway configuration menu.