Rally: Delete Rally SaaS subscription account data and subscription
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Rally: Delete Rally SaaS subscription account data and subscription


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Rally SaaS


Description of the process for a customer to have their subscription closed and data removed from Rally SaaS.

What is the process to have a Rally SaaS customer's data removed and subscription closed?


Production and Sandbox


The customer (Subscription administrator or C-level executive) will contact Rally with the request. The request could be in the form of an email to the account representative, or even via a support case.  The request must be made in written form, and can be provided in the case description:

See example/template below.

Upon receiving this signed letter the Operations team will remove the data and notify the customer that the action has been completed.  I will take up to 28 days after the production data is deleted for the data to age out of the backups.

Additional Information

<<current date>>

Broadcom, Inc.
4 Brocade Parkway
Broomfield, CO 80021

RE: Subscription ID  (XXXXXXX)


Rally Software Representative:

Please accept this letter as notice of cancellation of service of the Rally (formerly Agile Central) application effective <<current date>>.  As discussed, we are not renewing the service contract for the upcoming year.

Please confirm via written affidavit that all <customer name> data stored within the Rally (formerly Agile Central) application will be securely deleted from your data centers and backup copies within 30 days of this letter.


If there is any additional information needed to process this request, please feel free to contact us directly at the numbers listed below.

Thank you for your past service,




Signed ________________________

<name, title, company, contact info>


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