Can I cancel the CICS task UDASCCMN that's running in CA IDMS?
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Can I cancel the CICS task UDASCCMN that's running in CA IDMS?


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The CA IDMS log may show transaction UDASCCMN running in the CICS region. It runs for days at a time & the users may not know what it is, leading to questions about whether it can be cancelled. 

What is the CICS task UDASCCMN that's running in CA IDMS? Can we cancel it?


This question can arise in an CA IDMS environment using UCF and CICS.


The System Operations Guide explains the function of UDAS as follows: 

"This task (UDASCCMN) is associated with UCF Distributed Application Support (UDAS). UDAS allows send/receive processing between front-end/back-end applications running in two DC systems, including CICS. 

The UDAS front-end program emulates a UCF terminal to exchange buffers with the back-end. 

The back-end UCF system 'thinks' it is communicating with a terminal with an unusually large screen size (up to 31K). The back-end IDMS application is coded as if it were a conversational task communicating with a terminal. 

The presence of this transaction just means the site is using distributed processing. It does not/should not represent a problem.  

The implications of this are that if someone cancels the 
UDASCCMN task, it will disrupt the distributed processing. It would take research to determine the actual impact that will have on a specific site, depending on how much the distributed processing is being utilized. 

In general, this is a situation where there is a long-running task and no real information available as to what this task does; but it uses minimal resources and does not have any discernable impact on production systems. There are no messages in either the IDMS or CICS logs relevant to this task, so it must not be doing any updates or causing any errors. 

In a situation like this, we would generally advise against cancelling the task. I would allow it to continue running until the IDMS CV and the CICS region are cycled. At that point we advise checking both the IDMS & CICS logs for any stats regarding this task, for future reference. As long as it is not impacting your production; we suggest letting it continue to execute rather than take the risk is disrupting normal application operations.

Additional Information

More details about UDAS can be found in the "Administering IDMS System Operations" Guide found here: