Rally - Disaster Recovery Overview
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Rally - Disaster Recovery Overview


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Rally SaaS


How does Rally protect its data in the event of disaster


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Rally maintains two fully redundant, geographically separate data centers in Google Cloud.  These data centers are considered hot and warm; one active and another standby.

Full database backups are taken once per week, both to onsite and offsite (our warm data center, not a separate 3rd party) systems. Incremental backups are run nightly. Backups are retained for 21 days after which time they are simply aged out and over-written. 

In addition, we continuously replicate database changes to a disaster recovery site allowing for emergency disaster recovery with a maximum of 1.5 hours of data loss due to catastrophic onsite failure (fire in cage, natural disaster, etc. at data center). Backups are tested monthly and a full disaster recovery process to the offsite application cluster is tested semi-annually. 

Our objectives in relation to Disaster Recovery are to protect Customer data, restore the full Rally production system (not just a few subscriptions), and ensure access as quickly as possible after an event. In general, our goal is to have our secondary data center site up and running so that Rally is accessible within 4 hours of a disaster event.

Our contingency plan is updated on an annual basis.

RTO for system:

4 hours

RPO for system:

24 hours

Backup frequency


Backup retention

21 days


Specific questions or concerns can be directed to support.ca.com

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