Changing MDB or column collation for Service Catalog


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This document is intended to answer queries around MDB collation and collation at columns level for Catalog tables.

Is changing the collation of MDB and some tables where the collation is specifically set on columns after initial install is supported for Service Catalog Catalog?

What impact would this have on future upgrades, patches etc?


Clarity Service Catalog 17.2
Clarity Service Catalog 17.1


Service Catalog search, other areas of the application and CABI reports are heavily depending on the collation at table level and column level.

So as of now we do not support the collation changes in usm_xxx table (related to Service Catalog).

As a result, changing the collation of the MDB for Service Catalog will lead some unexpected behavior.


Additional Information

Search Catalog does not return results because of collation conflict in Service Catalog