Utility to PRINT all of our archived reports from CA View
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Utility to PRINT all of our archived reports from CA View


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Does CA View provide a utility that would allow us to PRINT all of our archived report data?


Release: OUTDTI00200-12.1-Deliver-Output Management-Interface for Native TSO


By using a combination of two different CA View utility programs, yes, CA View provides clients with the ability to PRINT all of their archived report data.


1. Execute the ADLIST program with the //CTLCARD DD setup to write to a dataset, and with the following control parameter: 




This will do two things. It will produce a report showing you all of the reports that you have archived in CA View. And it will write SARBCH "/PRINT" transaction records into the //CTLCARD DD file. The transaction records would look similar to the following: 




GEN=00060 SEQ=00002 


2. You would then need to feed this //CTLCARD DD file into a run of the SARBCH utility as the INPUT file. (i.e. As the //SYSIN DD specification instead of a SARBCH control parameter).

Additional Information

For additional information on the SARSAM routines and installation, you can refer to "Chapter 1: Database Utilities" in the CA View Programming Guide.