Process to expand Top Secret Recovery File
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Process to expand Top Secret Recovery File


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Top Secret


What is the process to expand the Top Secret Recovery File (RECFILE)? Message TSS9011W RECOVERY FILE WRAPPED AROUND was recently received.


Release: All

Component: TSS


To expand the Top Secret Recover File RECFILE:

1. Format a new RECFILE to the desired size.

2. Update the the Top Secret proc DD RECFILE statement with the new dataset name

3. Recycle the Top Secret address space or IPL.

The Top Secret Recovery File is a wrap around file just like the Top Secret Audit Tracking File. This means when the file becomes full, Top Secret will start writing to the beginning of the file and overwrite the older data. When almost full and about to wrap, messages are written to the log.

The RECFILE should be backed up when the file is about to wrap.

There are no Top Secret utilities to copy the old RECFILE records into the new RECFILE.

To use the old RECFILE, add the old and new RECFILE to the TSSRCVR1 (Top Secret recovery jobs).