How can I refresh the ACF2/CICS C-CIC records?
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How can I refresh the ACF2/CICS C-CIC records?


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How can I refresh the ACF2/CICS C-CIC records?


Component: ACF2MS


The ACF2 C-CIC records can not be refreshed. These records are loaded when the ACF2/CICS interface initializes when the CICS region starts. 

During initialization processing, the CICS interface will report on the C-CIC record SYSID that is being used (from the CICSOPT field of the CICS address space Logonid), and the CICS interface will also report on each C-CIC record that is processed. This provides an audit trail of the CICS interface initialization options that were used.

Default values that are affected by the CICS interface during initialization if no corresponding ACF2PARM and/or C-CIC record is utilized. Not all C-CIC records that are inserted will include all default values; some default values can be established only during the CICS interface initialization. In addition, the CICS interface will not insert default C-CIC records during initialization if it cannot find a record; if it cannot find a specific C-CIC record, it will utilize program-defined default values