How to delete robots in UIM when a VM with a robot has been powered off/decommissioned


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Customers may decommission VMs that contain UIM robots running on them. Therefore, they want to permanently remove the robots from IM/USM.

The order in which the steps are followed is important.

The Help doc on 'How to Delete Devices in USM' focuses on discovered devices and does not discuss the complete process for permanently deleting robots.

Customers may follow the Help documentation on 'How to Delete Devices in USM' assuming that it also includes robots.


- UIM v8.5.x or higher
- Any robot version


How to delete robots in UIM when a VM with a robot has been powered off/decommissioned:

  1. When a VM that is running a robot on a Guest OS has been powered off, there is of course no need to stop the UIM (Nimsoft) Robot watcher service and/or uninstall the robot.
  2. In the Infrastructure Manager (IM), navigate to the hub where the decommissioned robots were connected/previously running.
  3. Then open that same hub probe GUI and chose rt-click delete to delete the robot(s).
  4. Login to UMP and select the USM Inventory icon/node.
  5. Use the Quick filter and search for the robots/hostnames.
  6. Select the Actions dropdown and delete and then chose the desired options, e.g.,delete alarms and measurements, but do not choose prevent rediscovery unless it makes sense for your purposes. Delete measurements prevents further QOS from being generated. The raw QOS data associated with probes that were running on the given robots will age out according to the data_engine raw data retention settings, e.g., 35 days.
  7. After ~30 seconds or less the robot hostnames should disappear from the USM view.