Can I use two WebCenter browser windows from the same session?
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Can I use two WebCenter browser windows from the same session?


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CMDB for z/OS NetSpy Network Performance NetMaster Network Automation SOLVE NetMaster Network Management for SNA NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP NetMaster File Transfer Management


Is it possible to view the Webcenter in more than one browser window without multiple signons?


All supported releases of - NetMaster for TCP/IP - NetMaster File Transfer Management- SOLVE:Operations Automation


This can be accomplished in the following manner:

Log onto WebCenter as normal.
Right click the function you want.  
- If all functions in the list are currently collapsed, the new tab or window will automatically expand that area for selection in the left hand menu and show all available options on the right as well.

- If the function area is already expanded, i.e. Monitors is showing all sub-categories, then selection of any subcategory in a new tab or screen will open a new browser tab or window positioned at this function.

- You can have many separate browser windows open simultaneously, pointing to different functions. You might like to keep an Alert Monitor window permanently open, for example, while you use other windows for diagnosis.