Rally Technical Services: How can we help you?
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Rally Technical Services: How can we help you?


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How can Rally Technical Services help you?


As an enterprise Agile ALM product, Rally sits at the center of your Agile development efforts. Real-time information drives decision-making throughout the organization. Drive better decisions, from to top to bottom, by making the right information visible, and by connecting data from critical systems.

Experience the Value and Visibility of Agile

Take a turn on the receiving end of all the benefits of Agile software development. We use Agile practices for all Technical Services projects.
• Close communication - Our team will collaborate with you throughout the process, choosing the highest-bandwidth communications methods practical.
• Value-driven - Our team will collaborate with you to develop a ranked, value-driven backlog of user stories.
• Quick feedback loops - Our team works iteratively and will demo frequently and incorporate feedback as appropriate.
• Incremental value - Our team works incrementally to deliver value in small chunks.
• Transparency - Our team will always make real progress visible.


If you want your own developers to extend CA Agile Central with apps and connectors, our experts can provide Agile and Rally guidance that shortens the learning curve and saves time.  Or, let your people focus on their everyday work and let our experts, who know the CA Agile Central ecosystem inside and out, build what you need to drive flow and value.  Rally offers several types of Technical Services to support your Agile business.

App Development

Rally ALM is a powerful platform built to be extended. Make Rally your own with custom apps; we can:
• Build apps that support your Agile framework and your communication needs
• Develop information radiators that support good decision-making
• Define apps that support an Agile mindset and help you leverage Agile’s strengths

App Developer Coaching

Your own developers can build custom apps, and our experts can coach them to achieve better results faster. Let us help you build apps that are valuable and performant. We can:
• Guide on how to design an app that meets the goals
• Mentor on best practices for leveraging our AppSDK
• Pair-program and/or review code

Connector Development

Some decisions benefit from information from many sources. Rally Connectors enable Rally ALM to interact with other tools in your environment. We can:
• Build new connectors to your systems, including home-grown applications
• Extend existing CA Agile Central-built connectors like QC, Jira and Bugzilla

Connector Install & Guidance

Speed installation and improve results of Standard CA Agile Central-built connectors with guidance from Technical Services. The larger the systems involved and the more Rally projects involved, the more configuration decisions need to be made. In short coaching sessions, we can:
• Recommend data mappings
• Build consensus on configuration
• Troubleshoot results

Data Migration

Technical Services can conduct your one-time move of data into a Rally workspace, because you are sunsetting another system or another Rally subscription or workspace. We can help you successfully move work items, timeboxes, users, and projects.
Please notify your Account Representative of your interest in installing a connector and they will facilitate a conversation with our Technical Services team.