How to change the mail from used by SPM SMTP tests with SystemEDGE?
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How to change the mail from used by SPM SMTP tests with SystemEDGE?


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CA Spectrum


On SystemEDGE Test Host, you may create SMTP tests.

By default, to test the SMTP server, the SystemEDGE agent send an email FROM "service_availability@hostname" where "hostname" is the hostname of the SystemEDGE test host agent TO the email address you define in "User Name" on SMTP test parameter page in OneClick.

You may change the domain to something different than the SystemEDGE test host hostname.

This technical document explain the steps for this.


How to change the sender's domain (FROM address) on SPM SMTP tests?



CA Spectrum 10.1.1Windows 2012CA SystemEDGE 5.9


The steps are as follow:

  1. From OneClick edit the SMTP test.

2. The "User Name" is "[email protected]" and the SystemEDGE hostname is winsysedge. To test the SMTP server (xx.xx.xx.xx) an email will be sent TO "[email protected]" and by default the email FROM address will be "service_availability@winsysedge"

3. In this example, we will change the domain name of the FROM address, from "service_availability@winsysedge" to "". For this, we need to add to the  "User Name" field: "&". That way, "User Name" changes from "[email protected]" to "[email protected]&". What you put after "&shost=" will be the new domain name of the email FROM address used by the SystemEDGE agent.


4. Save to apply the changes.

5. Once the changes are applied, the file in SystemEDGE host will be changed to add the new configuration.



Additional Information

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