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If Proposed / Pending ETC is 0 in a New UX Timesheet, the task does not show on future timesheets


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Clarity PPM On Premise


  • In the New User Experience (UX) in Clarity PPM, a task no longer appears on future timesheets when 'Add assigned tasks' within Timesheet is selected, after resource proposes 0 (zero) ETCs on a previous timesheet
  • However, the task is still assigned with ETCs.
  • The user can click the Add button to add the task but it's expected it should show by default, since the manager hasn't yet approved the 0 ETC.
  • This can also impact whether the 'Add Assigned Tasks' button shows when creating a timesheet if no other tasks meet the requirement for the button to appear

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Create a project (open for time, track mode PPM) 
2. Add a resource to the project (open for time, track mode PPM) 
3. Create 2 new tasks (Task1 and Task2) on the project and assign the resource added in step 2 with ETCs on both tasks of 8 
4. Log in as the resource that was added to the project 
5. Navigate to the user’s current timesheet in the New UX (In this example Oct 15 – Oct 21) 
6. Add both tasks created in step 3 to the user’s timesheet (if not there already) 
7. For the first task (Task1), manually change the ETC under the ETC column from 8.00, to 0
  •  Important: The issue does not occur if you make the ETCs for the task 0 by submitting 8 hours of work, so make sure to change the ETC in the ETC column to 0 in reproducing
8. Click 'Submit'
9. Go to the next period’s timesheet (in this example Oct 22 – Oct 28) 
10. In the window that appears to populate the timesheet: 
  • Uncheck ‘Copy previous timesheet (Oct 15 – Oct 21)’ 
  • Check the check box next to ‘Add assigned tasks’ 
  • Then, click the ‘Create Timesheet’ button 
Expected Results: Task1 still appears on the timesheet 

Actual Results: Task1 does not appear on the timesheet (Task2 still does since the ETC wasn't changed to 0). 
  • Notes:
    • As mentioned in the steps to reproduce, the issue does not happen if the user submits the amount of actuals that equals the ETC, so if the user submits 8 hours of work for Task1 which changes the ETC column to 0, the task will show up in the next timesheet when 'Add assigned tasks' is checked
    • The same issue is observed in Classic PPM Timeseheets if Timesheet options are set in Administration to have 'Populate assigned tasks' checked and 'Copy time entries from previous timesheet' unchecked


  • This issue was reviewed as DE44811 and determined to be working as expected. 
  • The reason you will still see the task on the timesheet if the ETC hours change to 0 if all time is submitted on but not if pending ETCs are changed to 0 is because when you set pending etc to 0 you indicate that you are done with that assignment with no more expected work. 
  • When you submit time to bring ETC to zero you can still possibly enter time against it in the future.  


Release: All Supported Releases
Component: Clarity PPM Timesheets


  1. To add the task to the timesheet, click the + Work button to add the task to the Timesheet.
  2. You can also go to the task and delete the 0 value (make the field blank) in the Pending Estimates field then the task will be available to add

Additional Information

See KB: 141061 for tips on how to optimize use of Self Service for Clarity PPM