Update archive retentions via BATCH utility
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Update archive retentions via BATCH utility


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We need a way to update, in mass, the retention period for Archived Reports. We need to change the archive retention from 07Y (7 years) to 10Y (10 years).

Does CA Bundl provide a batch utility that would allow us to accomplishing this?


Component: BUNDL


Yes, Bundl does provide a batch utility that can be used to update the archive retentions for reports. The job is located in the Bundl installed PPOPTION library and is called CC50J080. The job executes PGM=DPMB080. This utility job can be used to accomplish a lot of things. 


- The CC50J080 utility is documented in the Bundl 5.0 Administrator Guide, Chapter 11, where we document "Unicenter CA-Bundl Program DPMB080" starting on or around page 11-65.


- In order for "NEW" archive occurrences of the reports to pick up the new archive retention, you will have to "manually" update the retentions defined in the RTF table records (Option 5.3 from the main menu) for each of the reports.


- To update the "existing archived occurrences" of the reports, you will have to update the retention records that are already stored in the AIF file (This is the Archive Index File). This can be done using the CC50J080 utility.


- Before running the utility to perform any actual database updates, you will want to make sure that you have BACKUPS of the AIF file that you can restore with, just in case there are any problems.


- You will need to execute the CC50J080 job with the supporting LSERV started task active.


- The way you execute a particular DPMB080 utility JCL control parameter is by "uncommenting" ONLY those specific parameters that you want to use for that run. (e.g. uncomment by removing the single asterisk from column 1 for ONLY these parms).


- If you want to run the utility just to SEE what AIF records will get updated with the new retention before you actually update them, you can produce a listing of all reports in Bundl that have an ARCHIVE RETENTION of 07Y by executing the CC50J080 utility with the following parameters: 



FUNCT=LIST <<- (Only produces a report) 





* The DPMB080 utility output will show the reports ARCHIVE RETENTION in the "A-RET=" field of the report. 

* Be advised that since this is running against your entire AIF file, the job could run for a long time. 

* Note that the same CC50J080 utility can be used to change the retention settings by using the "FUNCT=SETARET=" parameter. 


- If you want to run the utility to actually UPDATE the AIF records that have a retention of 07Y to the new retention of 10Y, you would execute the CC50J080 utility with the following parameters: 



FUNCT=SETARET=10Y <<- (Updates AIF records) 





* Note that you can use other available parameters listed in the (REPORT IDENTIFICATION CRITERIA, REPORT DISTRIBUTION CRITERIA, etc...) sections of the CC50J080 JCL to allow the selection of database records to be more SPECIFIC thus, limiting what records will be affected by the change.


- To confirm that the AIF records were updated with the new retention using FUNCT=SETARET=10Y, log on to Bundl and go to the ARCHIVED REPORTS screen, locate the reports, and type a C next to them. This will show you the AIF retention record for the report. 



Additional Information

CA Support recommends that you consider doing some TESTING first, to familiarize yourself with the utility, before doing any kind of large scale database updating.