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Can two different UIM domain instances interact with each other?


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Need to have two different UIM domain instances interact with each other, for example to do 1 or more of the following:

- Monitor my Development environment from my Production environment to make sure it is up. Can I do this? Will it cause any problems?

- Configure my UIM DEV environment to report to my Production environment to ensure the server is up.

- Forward QOS/alarm messages from my Prod environment to my Pre-Prod/Test or Development environment.


- UIM 8.0 or higher


- interaction between different UIM domains


Currently, there are a few methods for having different UIM DOMAIN instances interacting together.

Below are two supported methods:

1) remote probe monitoring
2) cross-domain message forwarding/hub queue posting (QOS/alarms)

Potential Use Cases:

a. In PROD, you can set up remote probes to monitor the Test/Development infrastructure, for example with remote probes such as net_connect, sqlserver, etc.

b. You can post QOS and alarm messages from one UIM domain to another domain (cross-domain forwarding) via a hub POST queue.

    Cross-domain messaging requirements:

    - Must create/establish a hub Tunnel between Domains
    - Need to have port 48003 opened in the firewall