Question Regarding Temporary and Permanent Errors
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Question Regarding Temporary and Permanent Errors


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TLMS Tape Management


Where does CA TLMS obtain the volume error stats?


Release: TLMS..00200-12.6-TLMS-TAPE MANAGEMENT


CA TLMS acquires the volume error stats from the IBM SMF 21 records. The following will cross reference the SMF 21 record with CA TLMS volume record.


  • TLMS TEMP READ ERROR  = IBM SMF21TR -  Number of temporary read errors                   


  • TLMS TEMP WRITE ERROR  = IBM SMF21TW  - Number of temporary write errors 


  • TLMS PERM READ ERROR = IBM SMF21PR -Number of permanent read errors. 


  • TLMS PERM WRITE ERROR = IBM SMF21PW - Number of permanent write errors.


  • TLMS ERASE GRAPS  = IBM SMF21ERG - Number of erase gaps.


  • TLMS READ BACKWARD = IBM SMF21TRB - Temporary read backward errors.


  •  TLMS TEMP READ FORWARD = IBM SMF21TRF -Temporary read forward errors.

Additional Information

You can report on these stats via the CA TLMS Earl report TLERPT05. This report is located at hlq.CTAPEARL(TLERPT05).